About Us

Welcome to our Company

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of essential sealing and insulation components to many industries where

equipment failure is not an option. Products include cut gaskets, packings, sheet jointing materials, heat insulation material ,

expansion joint and sight glass , all vital to a modern industrial society. 


We ensure that white goods manufacturers, petrochemical and chemical plants, power stations, cement industries , the automotive

industry, pipeline & boiler manufacturers and other key industries function effectively by supplying only the best materials available

on the market.

Our success is due to continually meeting our customers’ expectations of high performance. The company is committed to offering

the highest technology, the “best” service and the “best” value. This is our corporate quality policy.


Our commitment to quality has always been directly linked to the customers, who have consistently been the driving force behind all

our strategic planning and achievement. Our objective continues to be the identification of the customers’ requirements and the

satisfactory fulfillment of those requirements within acceptable quality standards. 


Customer satisfaction is paramount. We aim for total quality performance with each and every order. 


We believe our prices will be generally competitive, but due consideration is always given to providing the most suitable material for

the particular job. Material performance, dependability, available alternatives, technical appraisal and production capability are all

areas considered to when assessing costs and providing the best possible price for the customer. 



Gasket Sheet

Non-asbestos Rubber Sheet

PTFE Sheet

Graphite Sheet

Rubber Sheet

Cork Rubber Sheet





Spiral Wound Gasket

Ring Joint Gasket

Serrated/Kammprofile Gasket

Reinforced Graphite gasket

Metal Flat Gasket

Rubber Cut Gasket/O ring Seal




Braided Packing

Aramid fiber packing Series

PTFE Packing Series

Reinforced Graphite Packing

Graphite PTFE Packing

Carbon Fiber Packing

Packing Ring...etc.